We operate as a manufacturer of GRP products and offer a comprehensive range of specialist products and services to a great number of industrial sectors. This includes services such as the CEMO Academy and practical advice.
We are:
• pioneers in the area of modern transport and storage container technology
• the German market leader in legally compliant complete on-site filling stations
• providers of professional solutions for the storage of substances hazardous to water
• a manufacturer of formed components made of fibre-reinforced composite materials
We supply:
• traditional transport and storage containers for a wide range of applications
• customer-specific GRP moulded parts
• heating oil tanks supplied to end customers within 72 hours
• grit boxes with our specially-designed vandal-proof lids and a comprehensive range of winter service products
• and much, much more …
These are just a few examples from our comprehensive range of products and services …
Your tank and container professionals.